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Upgrade Your Storage Tanks in Midland, TX and the Permian Basin

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Trying to fix your oil tank storage issues? Xtreme Tank Technologies has the solution you need in Midland, TX. With over 40 years of experience, our owner knows how to create the solutions you need. We've developed the Freedom Tool to improve storage tanks and create safer storage solutions. This patented, state-tested tool is the only tool that can take your tanks down to zero emissions.

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What does our tank tool do?

If you want a tool to improve your storage tanks, you’ll want our vapor recovery tool. The Freedom Tool:

  • Achieve zero tank emissions
  • Works as a fire extinguishing tool
  • Stops tank seal leaks

The Freedom Tool engages a fire suppression function that injects foam into the tank at the first sign of a flame, providing quick extinguishing measures before you can even call 911. Serving as both a tank fire suppression tool and providing emissions capture for floating roof tanks, our versatile tool can help you create a safer storage environment. Call 800-685-6305 now for more information on the Freedom Tool.

Why you should use the Freedom Tool

Hiring someone to fix your oil tank storage issues should always be a top priority. Installing the Freedom Tool benefits you by:

  • Making permitting easier
  • Reducing carbon emissions
  • Removing oil from the top of your tank

Our floating and fixed roof tank tools reduce emissions to zero and will help you save money through carbon credits and an easier permitting process. If you have any questions about fire suppression for floating roof tanks, check out our FAQ page today.